10 Yoga Poses To Try Now


1. Mountain (Tadasana) Purpose: Simple but effective, mountain pose builds a solid foundation for all other standing poses. It strengthens and returns flexibility to…

10 Most Addictive Foods In The World

Healthy Eating

If you’ve ever thought you were addicted to pizza, you might just be right. A recent study from the University of Michigan suggests that…

9 Delicious (almost) Zero-Calorie Foods

Weight Loss

It happens to the best of us. Our tummy starts rumbling and we reach over for that pack of chips or that candy bar….

Can You Really Be Addicted to Your Cell Phone?


For years, Allison* thought her relationship with her cell phone was normal. She snuck glances at it during dinner. She woke up in the…

Women Feel Horny at a Totally Different Hour Than Men


If you and your man are having less sex than you’d like, it may be because you’re out of sync-literally. According to a new…

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